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Changing Neighbourhoods

We've lived in this neighbourhood for 24 years. It's a mature area, built around 60 years ago, with some of the original owners still living in their neat bungalows on tree-lined streets. Of course, people come and go. Some retire... Continue Reading →


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Urban Survival 2018

I officially became interested in survival (as opposed to daily surviving) when I first picked up John Wiseman's excellent ┬áSAS Survival Guide, an excellent publication and introduction to the world of survival. Over the years I've picked up several other... Continue Reading →

Viking Knife Build–Part 1

So last December I decided I needed a new project, since I obviously didn't have enough to keep me busy. Given my interest in bushcraft and history, specifically Scandinavian history, I decided to build a Viking knife. First stop was... Continue Reading →

Preppers are no crazier than “normal” people.

Some people have never heard of "preppers", however among those who have, there is a percentage that believes we are fringe-dwellers, somewhere on the way to becoming hermit Una-bombers or social outcasts. In most cases, nothing could be further from... Continue Reading →

The Art of Getting Home Safe

I travel a fair bit for work, sometimes flying, but more often driving long distances into Michigan or Ohio. One way trips can be anywhere from four to six hours, and my preference is to get in, do the job,... Continue Reading →

What do you carry?

It's no accident that the motto of one of the most influential youth development organizations of the last century-plus, The World Organization of the Scout Movement, ┬áconsists of two simple words that say so much: Be Prepared. What does that... Continue Reading →

Preparing For, and Surviving Everything

These days you can find an immense amount of information about every aspect of this subject: Urban Survival, Backwoods Survival, Surviving Natural and Man-Made Disasters, Surviving Terrorist Attacks, Surviving Off-Grid, Surviving On-Grid but Under the Radar and on and on... Continue Reading →

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